Entrepreneurship, imposter syndrome & ‘the Law of Attraction‘. Just three of the many pillars that Founder & CEO of successful ‘Conversion Rate Optimization‘ agency, PRWD, Paul Rouke has had vast experience of during his career. Mr. Rouke came along to UTC@MediaCityUK with a pre-prepared talk all about self-belief, motivation and escaping the dreaded ‘comfort zone’.


Having struggled on deciding on what he wanted to do in the early days of his career, he wanted to give as much advice as possible to the young students of UTC@MediaCityUK. One huge piece of advice was harnessing the power of the ‘Law of Attraction’ on a daily basis, something that the students haven’t heard of before the talk. Paul instructed the students to go ahead and watch a video on YouTube that he wishes had been available for him to view when he was young.

‘Imposter syndrome’ is something Paul also talked about, which is the belief…

“…that concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’…”

So it’s something that can hold you back in not only your career but your life too! He included ‘6 ways to no longer be held back by your imposter’

  • Realise you’re not alone
  • Realise you’re in very, very good company
  • Talk openly to people
  • Don’t compare yourself to others that have more experience than you
  • Turn it into a positive for your life
  • Talk to children about this

To combat imposter syndrome or to understand the concept a lot more, ‘The Chimp Paradox’ is a book that Paul highly recommended to the students & I’m sure they’re looking on Amazon as we speak!


For more information, follow this link to see Paul’s blog regarding Imposter Syndrome


Paul also spoke to the students regarding his entrepreneurship and his journey to starting up his business, PRWD. He reflected back on the past 11 years since he started his company in his own bedroom, the struggles he went through & how if you are fully focused on something you should never give up.

“…It’s better to be one inch wide & many miles down than to be ten inches wide & one inch deep…”


A handful of students stayed behind to ask Paul some questions they’ve been waiting to ask, I was surprised at the amount of patience Paul displayed with the students as he really wanted to get to the root of the questions & help as much as he could, even the possibility of work experience for some students. This is something Mr. Rouke prides himself on; giving opportunities to people… Now that he’s got to where he wanted to be from the early days in his bedroom, he believes that it’s time to give back.

How ambitious & motivated are you?

There will be a short video showcasing the highlights of Paul’s talk uploaded in the coming days so you are able to see how motivating it really was.


All of us from UTC@MediaCityUK thank Paul Rouke for coming in for this incredible talk & we hope to be in contact again in the future.

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Written by,

James Wood

Social Media & Digial Marketing Apprentice