On Monday the 8th of May 2017, Libby Miller and her team from the Research & Development department of the BBC (BBC R&D) made the journey up from London to put on an fun-filled workshop for our students.

The BBC R&D are a department who look 10-15 years into the future of television & came to UTC@MediaCityUK in order to see our students share ideas about how they think television will be watched in homes across the globe in 10-15 years time and we saw some brilliant ideas!


Our students dubbed this event as the most ‘hands-on’ workshop they’ve ever experienced at UTC@MediaCityUK and with this event, they gained some invaluable life skills in such a short space of time; team-work, creating plans & executing these plans – to create the future of television!

Below are some of these brilliant creations from the students, my personal favourite is ‘The Egg – Rebirth of Interactivity’ which produces ‘Star Wars’ like holograms on walls which users can pick out and ‘fling’ to the wall, as it splatters on the wall, the television show starts!

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Special thanks to the BBC R&D department for coming up to us here at UTC@MediaCityUK & we hope that our students helped further your innovative research, maybe we will see ‘The Egg’ in living rooms across the U.K one day!

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Written by,

James Wood

Social Media & Digial Marketing Apprentice