We all hear it time and time again that in order to gain experience in a working environment you need to have experience and that just leaves you in a never ending (not very useful) cycle!Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.37.33.png

The title says ‘media industry’ but we all know that’s a term used extremely loosely and in fact working in ‘the media’ now covers hundreds of areas. That’s why colleges like ours are booming and becoming increasingly successful as we create professional working environments for our students to learn in. This means our students whether they leave us in Year 11 after their GCSEs or in Year 13 after their BTECs and A Levels, will be ready to step out into the industry area of their choice and develop their skills that they’ve gained at UTC.

The media industry is a competitive sector and often getting your first break comes from doing un-paid work experience…. but many people say how can I gain experience if I’ve never had any before? That’s where our employer engagement team come in! At UTC@MediaCityUK we pride ourselves on our working relationships with industry companies from all sectors. Being located at MediaCityUK definitely has its advantages however word of mouth has proved incredibly successful too!

Our students have worked with companies from all areas on live briefs and gained work experience from showing dedication, high quality skills and professional attitudes towards projects. We recently wrote about David Hughes, a year 11 student who did a weeks placement with GAS Music in The Landing. This is just one example of how our links with industry partners allow students to gain valuable experience from just 14 years old.

UTC@MediaCityUK offers students more than typical schools and colleges do, we can get young people work-ready and linked up to Universities, Apprentices, Mentoring Schemes and more so they have a foot in the door ready to take the media industry by storm.


Join us this September in Year 12 and get yourself ready for a successful career in TV, Film, Radio, Audio, Graphics or Gaming! 

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