AgilityWorks are a leading UK based consulting practice with a passion to help their clients deliver substantive business improvement through successful application and technology solution deployment.

They have bases all around the world and centralised UK offices in Manchester and Oxford. We here at UTCMediaCityUK are very lucky to have had one of their designers over to inspire our students.

AgilityWorks believe that innovation is critical for the “digital” enterprise and many of their customer projects have been recognised as market leading. Their mission: Is to help every customer implement agile enterprise solutions that deliver substantive business improvement.

In many respects – we at UTC@MediaCityUK share their vision. We are all about innovation in education and about how we help our students gain the very best advantage that our connections in the digital industries can provide them.

So it was lovely to have Anthony Cook UX/UI Designer at AgilityWorks, come over and inspire our students with his wisdom. An opportunity he relished as he says:

“Thanks for welcoming me this afternoon and allowing me to engage with your students. It gave me the opportunity to talk about the role that I perform and how important it is when producing any kind of interactive media.”

Antony from AgilityWorks pic 6

This is what we here at UTC@MediaCityUK are all about – we want to make sure our students be that in film and TV, radio and sound, graphics and animation or mobile gaming and interactive media. All have a solid understanding of the real world and real work environments. We strive to engage with our students and teach them things that they will use in the real world and make sure they understand the realities of working in the industry they want to come into.

We have some amazing students. As Antony says:

I was really impressed with the work they have produced, in only a couple of weeks. Its encouraging to see so many talented kids.

Thanks again to Antony and to AgilityWorks whom we would love to work with again in the future. We are hoping next that a couple of lucky students will be doing a site visit and maybe even work experience in the summer. With a live brief competition to be held at UTCMediaCityUK to maybe decide this.

Watch this space….

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