Dock 10 are legends in MediaCityUK and beyond. Five years ago the Queen herself came to officially open their studios and ever since then they have dedicated themselves to making sure their HUGE portfolio of  clients create, manage and deliver high quality content.

They are always ahead of the game when it comes to technology. Which is why we were so happy when their Head of VR – Richard Wormwell came over to inspire our students with the new world of content and especially VR.

Dock 10 are heavily moving into this new world and so UTCMediaCityUK are hopefully going to be part of this journey. As we provide the next generation of talent into their pipeline for both content producers and technical workers. Richard’s talk didn’t disappointing with more than 100 of our students attending.

Pictures for Dock 10 of Richard head of VR and our year 10 students pic 2

With many of them asking questions.

As well as them – seeing the most up to date technology – and having a go.

As Dock 10 say:

“Content producers looking to explore the possibilities of 360 virtual reality will find a one-stop shop for VR production at our studios. Our recent credits for 360VR content include The Voice and The Soundcheck. We’re a 360VR factory, ready to help you produce ground-breaking immersive content”


  • Managing the capture
  • Stitching suites
  • Post – grade and dub
  • Data storage and archive solutions
  • 40+ team of engineering specialists
  • MAM content management

Dock 10 manage content including 360VR from major broadcasters, independent production companies, digital agencies and global corporations.

They deliver thousands of content hours every year to broadcasters and cloud platforms for web and mobile distribution around the world. With a large, experienced and highly qualified team, we’re dedicated to making sure content creators can reap the benefits of this innovative format.

So who better to have over as our employer engagement partner to UTCMediaCity? Hopefully they can fit us in next term we will have Richard and other people over again. Or perhaps some of our students might even go to their new VR rooms?

Who knows…. but with the real potential of a VR part of the course or added enrichment days for our IMG and graphics pathways – the new world is their oyster.