In a world obsessed with digital technology you may find yourselves pondering the future of the media industry, what can possibly happen next? How much more digital can we get? The answer is very! Digital is taking over the world, and the generational shift is in full effect as millennials grow older and smartphones, computers, and tablets become the primary outlets for media consumption.

With VR and AR already taking industries by storm we are looking at an unclear future of what is next in terms of digital advances, however a great friend and guest speaker of the UTC, Tom Cheesewright has inspired many students to start thinking outside of the box. What can’t we achieve? What’s stopping robots and machines taking over more of our jobs in the next ten years or even the next few?!

Tom, an Applied Futurist, has spoken at UTC inspiring students and encouraging them to focus on their own futures and careers in the industry and open their minds more to what they can achieve by studying at the UTC. Tom is one of many guest speakers and employer partners we have had in already in 2017. As with many of our guests we offer to record a podcast interview with them and a video chat, pictured below you can see our Year 13 Radio & Audio Student Gabby Sutton recording with Tom.screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-14-13-23

Tom’s visits haven’t just inspired the students but they’ve inspired him!

“The young  people here have inspired me. Not only to come in again. But to do something with them more long term. A live brief project that will really help them and Book Of The Future in a new area for us. It’s all a bit hush hush at the moment so… Watch this space.” (Tom Cheesewright).

You can read more about Tom’s experience at UTC here.

We look forward to welcoming Tom back to the UTC in the near future and he is a wonderful example of how having employer partners on board can stimulate our students and to broaden their minds when understanding the industry in which they wish to work.