In a world where the digital age is growing how can education establishments keep the next generation up to date with whats next?  It is estimated that by 2030 65% of millennials will be in jobs that don’t yet exist. That’s almost two-thirds of a generation, leading onto the question of how can today’s world get them ready for the work life that doesn’t even exist yet?

At UTC our aim is to introduce 14 year olds into the world of digital creativity alongside studying for their GCSEs. Our students are aged between 14-19 and by choosing UTC for their studies they are enabling themselves to be ready to go into the industry with workplace skills, a strong education and a passion for their chosen pathway.Our pathways are TV & Film, Radio & Audio, Interactive Media & Gaming and Graphics and Visual Design.

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Attending a UTC from the age of 14 provides students with access to industry standard equipment and facilities, practical work, project based learning and the all important working with industry clients to introduce students to real-life client briefs.


Our students have worked with numerous companies in the North West, especially around MediaCityUK. We are proud be working with Captive North, The Landing, Magnetic North, Factory Create, BBC Radio 5 Live, CBBC, ITV, GAS Music, Informed Solutions, UK Fast, Dock 10, Studio Liddell, Dreamr, BBC Sport, Book of the Future and many many more!


We are passionate about introducing students into the digital age of work and education combined. Are you bored of your current school? Do you not feel challenged enough because of your creative talents? Maybe you want somewhere slightly more ‘hands-on’ to study for college then look no further! UTC@MediaCityUK has it all.